Update of my Amazon Glacier uploader

A couple of days ago I started to build a simple command-line upload client for the new Amazon Glacier archival service. You can get the software from my github project “glacieruploader.

Now I can write the first update, and it’s going pretty well. I had some contributors opening issues with the first releases - still very early with 0.0.3 currently - and one contributor really contributing a pull request.

I updated the command line options, added a few more actions and am uploading a fairly large archive from my home computer to my own vault using my own client uploader. Eating your own dog food, and it’s tasting fine for me. ;-)

There are a couple of other command line clients available now, so I want to compile a lit of tools that you can use if you don’t have a full java environment on your system or if you simply don’t like my client. So, here we go with a list of command-line tools for Amazon Glacier:

If you’re working on your own client or if you successfully used a client that’s not in this list, please add a comment.

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