Leiningen behind a local nexus repository

Today I tried to use leiningen on a development machine where I had set up a network-local nexus repository for my maven distribution management. And it took me some minutes to get leiningen to work, because it always failed with a message like this:

1 required artifact is missing.

for artifact:

from the specified remote repositories:
  clojure (http://mylocalrepository/nexus/content/groups/public),
  clojars (http://mylocalrepository/nexus/content/groups/public),
  clojure-snapshots (http://mylocalrepository/nexus/content/groups/public),
  central (http://mylocalrepository/nexus/content/groups/public)

        at org.apache.maven.artifact.resolver.DefaultArtifactResolver.resolveTra
        at org.apache.maven.artifact.ant.DependenciesTask.doExecute(Dependencies
        ... 34 more

I noticed that there was the URL to http://mylocalrepository in the error messages and that I probably hadn't all the clojure stuff configured there. In fact, I didn't think about that at all. I don't want the clojure dependencies to live in that repository, so I have to exclude it from my maven mirror settings in USERDIR/.m2/settings.xml:

    <!-- use this mirror for everything excluding clojars and clojure: -->
    <!-- use this mirror for all external repositories:

After that leiningen downloaded all the dependencies and was generally more helpful. ;-)

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