Minimal Docker image for DokuWiki

Yesterday I upgraded my Docker setup from v1.5 to v.10. I had to do a full apt-get dist-upgrade as well to bring my system up to Debian Jessie. On the way I discovered that my backup script wasn’t backing up anything from my personal wiki running with DokuWiki. Another case of Schroedingers Backup: The backup is only there, if it can be successfully restored. ☹ Anyway, I had only a few snippets from my daily development work and some links to software I tend to use on the wiki, so not that much of a loss. And because I had to set up my wiki again, I decided to build a minimal container instead of re-using the offical php images.

Updating my ELK stack with GELF appender

A couple of days ago I wrote about setting up an ELK stack with docker-compose. I did some small changes to the set up, so I thought it’s worth an update.

Building an ELK stack with docker-compose

Because I have a hard time searching logfiles during development (I like to run everything on DEBUG), I decided to build myself an ELK stack (elasticsearch, logstash and kibana) to throw all my logs into and have a nice UI to search for a special log message.