Set up Thunderbird for S/MIME

During the last couple of days I tried to set up my mail clients to sign mail with S/MIME using a certificate that I got for free from StartCom. This includes a mail client on my Android phone, on my laptop and desktops. I already use the certificate on my domains and I added my email address a couple of months ago. So everything was prepared already. So this post is about the set up of the clients only.

Neuer Job, alte Aufgaben

Seit heute arbeite ich bei einer kleinen Firma im Bereich VoIP. Der Wechsel bringt eine Menge Änderungen in meinem Tagesablauf, aber die eigentliche Aufgabe bleibt gleich: Softwareentwicklung im Java-Ökosystem.

Using Googles mirror for Maven Central

Today I stumbled upon an interesting article about a full mirror for Maven Central provided by Google. I decided to give it a try and put the following mirror in my $HOME/.m2/settings.xml: